I am often amazed at how perfectly able people choose to take the escalator as opposed to taking the stairs. Is this out of habit, pure laziness or a conscious choice? 

Regardless of the answer, I also wonder if people are aware that even though taking the stairs is not a full work out, that it is beneficial to their health in several ways. By taking the stairs you are working your leg muscles, which help to strengthen and stabilize your knee joints, it gives your heart and lungs a bit of a work out and in addition to all that, it also burns calories! All valid and good reasons to take them, but yet people don’t! 

 The other day as I was climbing the stairs and gazing upon all of the people taking the escalator, I thought to myself:“hmm, I wonder if every time you took the stairs you would earn $5 and every time you took the escalator, you lost $5 and if that idea would entice and encourage others to get climbing.” I mean just think! $5 each time you took the stairs would add up quite quickly and you’d be rich before you know it!

Little do people know that taking small steps (no pun intended) towards their health is helping them to earn $5 (okay maybe not $5 exactly but you get the idea) each time they climb. The more they do to positively impact their well-being, the less money they will have to dish out later to help their health. 
So, the next time that you have the option to take the stairs or take the escalator-go for the one that will benefit you in the long run. It might not be much, but it’s $5 richer than you would have been. 

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