Interview with HANNAH HAYES-Founder and owner of Liberating Fitness

What is your favourite muscle group to work out and why? 
I would say either my deltoids or my hamstrings. Delts because I love having that nice muscular upper back and hamstrings because by training them, they give me that extra curve to my legs-plus they balance out my naturally strong quads. 

Do you prefer cables? Machines? Free weights? Body weight? or “other”? 
I absolutely LOVE cables! I love them because the resistance is constant and I never get bored using them. I despise machines because they do not engage the core and certain ones like the leg extension put a lot of pressure on the joints. Plus they are a pain in the buttocks to adjust! 

What is your favourite attire to wear while working out? 
I wear Lulu Lemon and I find it to be the most comfortable. It soaks up the sweat, it keeps me cool and I feel good in it. 

Which song on your Ipod is currently your “go to” for that extra motivation? 
I have a lot of songs that help motivate me but the one that is currently motivating me the most is “Guilt”-by Nero. I heard it in a motivational bodybuilding video and so when I listen to it at the gym, I think of the video and it gives me that extra bit of inspiration.

What type of cardio is your favourite and why? 
Outside of the gym, I love biking/skating/inline skating. Inside the gym, I LOVE the stairmaster, throwing punches at a punching bag or skipping rope. 

What exercise do you absolutely despise and why?
Assisted chin ups! I find them awkward and annoying. I prefer just doing chin ups on my own and not with the “help”. 

What is your favourite post workout meal? 
2 scoops of my Vanilla protein powder mixed with a banana, ice and a tiny amount of H20. mmmmm =D

How long do your workouts typically last? 
When I train, I train hard; so typically between warm up, weights, cardio and stretching-about 2 hours. 

What is your least favourite muscle group to train? 
I don’t have a least favourite! I love training all of them and you can’t train one without training the other. 

What is your favourite core exercise? 
My ALL time favourite core exercise would be pendulums done on the TRX suspension trainer! There is no other piece of equipment that can do that and it is not only fun, but extremely effective! 

What are your TOP 5 favourite exercises of ALL TIME?

Romanian deadlifts for the hamstrings-lower back and glutes, scaptation for the deltoids, cable cross overs for chest, goblet squats for quads and tricep pushdowns with the rope for the triceps. All of these exercises give me a great “burn” and reap excellent results! Oooh and I can not forget about plyometrics!!! I absolutely LOVE all things plyometrics and would do them every day, all day if I could!

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