I don’t work hard because I hate my body, I work out because I LOVE IT

A lot of people say “DO IT because other’s said you can’t.” I disagree with this statement because unless it’s out of an act of kindness, there is nothing in this life that you should do for anyone else; especially when it comes to your own health! As our culture and society has progressed over the years, somehow our health and fitness has gone down the drain and now we’re trying to retrieve it as obesity and illness is on the rise. How have we allowed something that is so vitally important be put on the back burner? It’s time that we got it back in the forefront of our minds and took responsibility for our health. That doesn’t mean you have to give up foods that you enjoy, or work out for 10 hours a day, but it does mean that you need to stop making excuses and start showing your body some love. If you made even the littlest changes, you will feel better and any further changes will be that much easier. Like they say, if you don’t make time for fitness, you’ll have to make time for illness. Would you rather spend an hour in the gym sweating it out 5-6 days a week or years in the hospital not being able to do anything? The choice is up to you! Stop making excuses and start taking hold of your health before it takes hold of you. 

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