NUTRITION COACHING Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your nutrition packages?

3 months – The Foundation:
Whether you are struggling to know what, how and when to eat or you have some habits around your nutrition that you’re looking to change, ‘The Foundation’ will help to give you clarity, direction and the knowledge that you are looking for.

During the 3 months, we will work together week by week, month by month so we can tear down any unhealthy habits that you have built and lay a proper foundation for some new and improved healthy ones all while working towards your goals.

6 months – Walk with Me:
Whether you are someone who desires to change their body composition, struggles with either eating too much or not enough, or perhaps you are just looking for some accountability until you feel confident to be on your own, then the ‘Walk with Me’ plan is the perfect fit!

During the 6 months, we will work together to breakdown your eating habits, tear down any limiting beliefs that you have around food and help you to establish healthy systems that will not only have you achieving your current goals but keeping them long-term.

12 months – The Journey:
If you are someone who constantly goes back and forth between the next fad diet or eating trend, then ‘The Journey’ would be the ideal fit for you!

Together we will work week by week, month by month for an entire year to help you create a healthier relationship with food, establish realistic and sustainable eating habits for life, nourish your body from the inside out and so much more!

‘The Journey’ also includes a tour of the grocery store, weekly nutrition lessons with practice homework, a kitchen and pantry makeover, an in person meal prep and 24/7 support.

Do I get a meal plan?

Every body is different and therefore we do not prescribe meal plans. Instead, in order to help our clients achieve their desired results, we work alongside them to create what is realistic and healthy for them. By doing this, it allows the client to have more freedom to choose and apply the nutrition tools that we teach them through our coaching.

When do I have to pay for my plan?

We offer flexible payment options. Please see the Nutrition Homepage to learn more.

Where does the nutrition coaching take place?

Online, over the phone and in person. Depending on where you are and depending on your schedule, we will work with you wherever you may be.

Are you a registered dietician or nutritionist?

I am neither of those, but I am and have been certified through Precision Nutrition since April 2014 and have worked with a large amount of clients helping them to achieve their nutrition goals.

Do I have to weigh and measure my food?

Not necessarily – there are several other methods that we teach our clients when it comes to knowing portions.

Who do you work with?

We work with anyone and everyone

What is the best diet for me?

Diets do not work for the long-term and therefore we do not put our clients on “diets”. Instead, we educate them on the role of each food group and develop sustainable action plans around their goals, lifestyle and health status.

What is your nutrition philosophy?

We believe that all foods fit and we educate our clients on how to to eat in a way that is aligned with their health and fitness goals.

Can you tell me exactly what to eat and when?

We don’t want to tell you anything specifically but instead, work with you to create habits and systems that are aligned with your goals – both with your nutrition and otherwise.

How long will I need nutrition coaching?

We recommend working together for at least 3 months to allow enough time for the body and mind to adapt to the different tools that we will give you. This minimum amount allows us enough time to see if the plan is working for you and gives us enough time to make any adjustments along the way.

What will I learn from nutrition coaching?

We will educate you on each macronutrient and its role within the body. We will also teach you about Micronutrients and why you need them. Through understanding both your Macros and Micros, we will work together to create a way of eating that is in line with your health, your lifestyle and your goals. We will also work together around your mindset with food, eating and help to breakdown any limitations that you might have when it comes to achieving your desired outcome.

Does eating healthy mean no social life?

Absolutely not! This is why we believe that ALL FOODS FIT and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and realistic plan of action so you can still enjoy a burger and beer with friends or even popcorn at the movies with your kids!

Can anyone (say my spouse) join me for the nutrition coaching?

Because every person’s body is different and requires different things, we do not do more than one on one coaching as it is not ideal.

Do you direct bill?

Unfortunately traditional benefits do not as of right now; because of this, we are not able to direct bill, but would be happy to issue an invoice to submit.

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